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Shauna Moran

Operate Remote


Shauna is the founder of Operate Remote and is a qualified business and executive coach, mentor & consultant that specialises in remote working. Shauna works with a range of entrepreneurs, organisations, individuals, and more — to help them to uncover the habits and routines that make these people and organisations successful at remote working. 

With years of experience working for a variety of organisations, start-ups and multinational companies, Shauna's vast experience in scaling business growth, leading and managing departments, business development, partnerships and marketing in a range of disciplines and markets ensures she delivers long-lasting impact to each client. In her coaching and consultancy practise, Operate Remote, she combines her natural abilities, a wealth of knowledge, her academic background in virtually dispersed teams and experience of growing many successful  distributed businesses so as to achieve extraordinary results for her clients.


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Remote working is on the rise and businesses and individuals need to adapt, grow and learn in our ever-changing working environment. I help my clients evoke a transformation that helps them thrive through changes in their business, lives and career. My main objective is to have a positive impact on my clients, so that you leave with a return of investment and a new approach that will help sustain you in achieving your goals in the future.   

- Coaching and Mentoring 

- Consultancy Services

- Management Consulting 

- Remote Culture Management 

- Remote Hiring & Onboarding

- Facilitating Remote Offsites & Group Coaching

- Remote Working Training Workshops 

- Public Speaking  

- Emotional Intelligence Assessments

- Group Coaching for Remote Teams

- Executive Coaching for Leaders of Distributed Teams

Evoking Remote Transformations