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Why We Created PremoteMe?

Working Remotely

There’s no doubt remote working is the future, (in under two years 50% of the US workforce will be working remotely and it is among the highest priorities of millennials who are on the job hunt), yet still many organizations are not offering their employees the flexibility they need to perform at their best level.

These are the three main reasons why we created PremoteMe:

3 problems when it comes to flexibility in non-flexible organizations.

1. Managers were not allowing all employees to work remotely: We found most employees that are allowed to work remotely in non remote-first companies were either senior managers or contract workers. Either out of an ignorance to remote working or simply fear or letting go, the majority of employees are not granted the right to flexibility.

2. Employees didn’t know how to approach the subject or how to pitch their boss’s on flexible working: Employees are constantly leaving companies for jobs that offer flexibility or (if they have the skills and guts) are quitting and going the freelance route. Many didn’t feel they had the ability to actually make the ask, either because there was no remote policy in place or they weren’t equipped to deal with the objections.

3. There was no tool to facilitate a pilot period specific to remote working. Although many people advocate for project management tools only to enable this transition, those tools are great for managing tasks and knowing what everyone is working on, however they don’t provide the features to monitor and assess things like ‘quality of work’ nor do they facilitate regular check ins and real-time feedback.

What Have We Done to Fix These Issues?

We have spent countless hours curating the best content out there surrounding the topic of remote work to help create awareness and educate leaders on the benefits of implementing a flexible work policy. There is loads of content specific to digital nomads and already fully remote companies but not an extensive amount that focuses on organizations and employees who may not be aware of the benefits and how to go about it all.

We have compiled assessment forms for both individuals and leaders to perform an analysis of their current state of flexible work suitability and begin to take the necessary steps forward. To help employees make the ask we have showcased some of our own and other great content and resources on how to ask for flexible work, including templates, forms and ready-made emails.

We’ve also featured the world’s best remote work consultants to help organizations make a sustainable transition more effectively. We’ve heard of some companies that tried to do it informally or without outside help and their transitions turned out to be unsuccessful as they didn't have the experience and expertise in the subject.

So aside from our passion for remote working and helping people and organizations to make the transition, we may have an opportunity to actually save companies money and stress from losing their employees because they don’t offer these types of arrangements.

We are on a mission to help bring the future of work closer, thus creating a happier and more productive global workforce.

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