Nicole Le Maire

The People Engine


The People Engine are experts in leading (remote) people-based activity from a strategic and operational perspective, and we have a gift for developing talent. In other words, the team designs, creates and supports modern people operations helping your global teams to work effectively together.

We design, create and support modern people operations internationally for businesses and their hybrid or distributed team(s). We help global professionals to work effectively together and we are proud of our contribution to the success of the businesses we collaborate with.


Virtual   Onsite


Our Approach

No remote working environment is identical and therefore you wouldn’t expect an off the shelf solution for your people operations challenges.

Your unique business needs are tailored to the size of your business. By working in partnership with The People Engine, you will be supported from the inside out. We’re no add-on, during the period of engagement, we become integral to the working of your business and internal people operations.

We are a casual and tight-knit global team that strives to do things better and smarter. Our actions have a direct impact on the success of your company, and our team work towards common goals that benefit you.

Services Include:

Remote People Operations (Set-Up, Management, Optimisation)


Online Training & Presentations

Speaking Events