Nathan Zeldes

Thinker, Speaker, Problem Solver.


I’m Nathan Zeldes, and I help knowledge-based organizations prosper in this exciting, hyperactive, brave new world that empowers and threatens their effectiveness at the same time.

I was lucky to mold a career where I was allowed to invent my jobs to fit my vision. I started as an applied physicist, became a forensic scientist, joined Intel as an engineer, and navigated a 26-year career in that amazing company in engineering and management jobs, much of it as an IT Principal Engineer specializing in guiding worldwide adoption of new IT tools and innovative work paradigms. In this role I initiated, defined and led to successful worldwide adoption Intel Corporation’s Telecommuting program. It was an exhilarating ride!

Then in 2008 I decided to leave the cube farm and explore the world outside. I found – no surprise – that companies of every kind struggle with the same problems I’d helped Intel solve. So here I am – speaking, consulting, and doing what I like best: collaborating with smart people to solve difficult problems in a diversity of interesting contexts.

I passionately believe that work should be effective, fun and rewarding. I am offended by the fact that despite all our technology (and at times because of it) workers nowadays are hampered by constant stress and overload, neglect their life and their loved ones, and produce less value than they could. This is what I’m out to help my clients make right; evidently all those years in the trenches, driving change and innovation at Intel and beyond, left me with insights that can be of benefit to them – and possibly to you.


Virtual   Onsite


work with knowledge-based organizations to help them improve employee and team productivity and streamline core processes in today’s complex, dynamic workplace environment.

Consulting with me can take many forms:

  • Participation in work groups and task forces

  • One to one executive coaching and mentoring

  • Facilitation of organizational change processes

  • Design and/or delivery of employee workshops

  • Remote consulting over phone and web channels.

Objectives I can help you achieve include:

  • Regain the time lost to Information Overload in your organization

  • Make your group a hotspot of employee Innovation

  • Turn meetings into powerful tools instead of Dilbertesque time sinks

  • Turn your technical leaders into a proud professional community

  • Empower global distributed teams to collaborate across time and space barriers.