Melissa Smith

Remote Work Consultant


Virtual   Onsite

In 2013, Melissa began working remotely, and in 2017, became location independent. This transition gave her a newfound sense of freedom, affording her the opportunity to travel to 16 countries in 12 months, all while running a successful virtual business. Additionally, she mentors for Remote-how Academy, the first global, online education and individual certification program about remote work and is a passionate teacher and consultant for those looking to grow their business remotely.


Drawing from her experience while working on five different continents and numerous time zones, Melissa truly understands the challenges of running a virtual business and uses her knowledge to serve clients all over the world. She knows first hand how and where to get the best work done and she passes her insight on to her clients so that they can to create the life they love – on their own terms.  


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Working remotely may seem like a dream. It’s all the rage. The promise of working in your pajamas or while sipping from coconuts on the beach has a lot of people looking for remote work wondering if it’s really possible. Those who may already be remote working wonder who these people are that have a remote job and yet lead a life so completely different than theirs. Yes, you can work remotely even if you don’t like coconuts and are more comfortable working in yoga pants than pajamas. However, not all remote working is created equal.

I work with:

  • Individuals looking for remote work

  • Individuals who are struggling to make their remote job work and thinking about going out on their own

  • Companies interested in hiring remote workers

  • Companies who need help understanding how to manage a remote team

Improve work schedules

Managing remote teams doesn’t have to be difficult. By creating a communication strategy not only do you communicate more effectively and seamlessly, you spend less time having to manage and more time able to develop your team members.

Build a great team

Not all remote companies are great to work for. I guide my clients to ask the key questions when looking for remote work to find a position just right for them. Attracting and hiring the right talent for your remote team is crucial. I help my clients get their messaging right.

Melissa has been featured in U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. News & World Report, Thrive Global, Woman’s World & CareerBuilder.