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Laïla von Alvensleben

Remote Work Coach


Over the years, I’ve researched Remote Design Thinking and shared my insights with the design community to help anyone be creative while free to choose the lifestyle they want. I started out as a UX designer at Hanno—a fully remote design team—helping startups, non-profits and enterprises launch digital products and services. Together we designed and launched the Remote Starter Kit to give everyone all the tools, processes and tips to kick off their remote work experience.


These days I split my time as Head of People Ops at MURAL and facilitating online workshops and trainings to help companies use the latest technology and bring virtual collaboration across different locations and work environments. I’m also a founding member of the Remote Work Association where we discuss and learn about how we can continue to promote location-independent jobs. 


I coach and advise teams and organisations on remote work. If you want to set up a distributed team or learn how to work better remotely, let’s chat.


Virtual   Onsite


My services combine consulting and training to improve remote work practices in dispersed teams and user experience (UX) design for digital products and services.


Remote Work Coaching

Online training & workshops

Digital transformation

Virtual collaboration & communication

Organisational culture change

Content creation

User Experience Design

Online and on-site workshops

Design Thinking

Design sprints


Agile processes

User & market research

Journey mapping

Rapid prototyping 

User testing


If you’re looking for help to run an online workshop, course or webinar on remote work or UX design, I’d love to connect.

"My mission is to enable distributed teams to create and cultivate a successful remote working culture that will empower them to work from anywhere".