Jennifer Palmer



In my previous role as a project manager, I recognized a need for expanded skills and tools
within remote teams. This compelled me to create better strategies that combine compassionate communication and systems theory to transform workplaces, including trainings that allow remote teams to get the most out of technology and platforms that they already use, as well as determining what strategies and tools they can add for a more sustainable remote team experience.

I’ve combined my professional background, a graduate level education in psychology, and UX
background to design and implement communication strategies and tools for teams working on
projects in a wide range of industries, ranging from SaaS startups to the marketing departments
of Fortune 500 companies. My core passion is harnessing the power of workforce distribution to impact the way organizations grow, and to expand human potential by reimagining the concept of work.


Virtual   Onsite


- Transition Services for In-Office Teams Going Remote/Distributed
- Remote Team Leadership Training
- Online Meeting Facilitation Skill Building
- Remote Team and Company Culture Development
- Remote Team Engagement & Feedback Facilitation
- Remote Team Communication Strategies
- Task & Time Management Platform Trainings
- Scaling and Onboarding For Sustainable Remote & Distributed Workforces

If you are interested in transitioning from in-office to remote, honing the communication and task management skills of your remote team, or building a more engaged remote team culture, let’s connect.


Our goal is to help your organization improve communication, productivity, and connection.